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I am a designer from Jackson, Wyoming. Driven by my love for the outdoors, I love to create stories that are striking and memorable.

My Work

Greenway Painting -

A former employer was looking for an updated logo for his painting business. I tried to incorporate angles to make the graphic more interesting, while clearly communicating the nature of the business.

Design Work


I was asked to design a logo for Edcamp - a conference for K-12 educators at Utah Valley University. I had to keep the top elements of the apple logo the same but had creative freedom with the bottom. The blue design was used.


SKI-PAD is a passion project of mine. Built to keep your skis from scratching your car, this piece of gear is a blank canvas awaiting reinvention. From business advertising to personal expression, this product has the ability to reach everyone in the ski community.

Wedding Cup - 

When my sister was married, she asked me to design a party favor for members of the wedding parties. The Teton Range and custom lettering completed the design.

Personal Work


I love to paint in any way, shape or form. I like painting challenging surfaces, it allows for the design to interact with its environment it.